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    Bringing back transform value inputs in Adobe After Effects?

    Carmyn D.

      Last night I opened up After Effects CS4 to rotate and scale an image. But when I click on the layer and twirl down the Transform tab, the yellow numbers that often are on the right side of the values are missing! And I don't know how to get the back.

      So if this has happened to anyone before could you please tell me how to get the yellow value input numbers to come back? I looked through preferences to see if there is a way to reset all of AE's settings but I can't find anything that looks helpful.

      Please help!


      PS. These inputs I think are also known as the X and Y value.  I can still manipulate them if I, for example, right click on "rotation" and select 'edit value' but this is slow and time consuming and disallows me the ability to manipulate values on multiple layers.  I need those yellow numbers back.