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    Embedded font display problem

    Marlene Level 1

      I have struggled with this for 2 days. I actually bought the font Verdana open typface family so I could properly embed the font. The site is located at http://www.alexisjean.com/shop/shopBurbank.html. The problem is when you click BROWSE BY DISCOUNT. The first 2 items should read 10% off or more and 20% off or more. I am using a custom component MultiLineLInkButton which I downloaded the code from one of the flex resouce sites and it works fine everywhere but on these 2 labels. Crazily, if I change the word from more to anything else, it works fine. How can this be? I have exported a release build with view source files enabled. The custom component code files are located at http://www.alexisjean.com/shop/components/MultiLineLinkButton.as and http://www.alexisjean.com/shop/components/NoTruncationUITextField.as

      I hope I have included everything for someone to help me resolve this problem. If not please ask.