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    Dynamic Height?

    Dharmesh Chheda Level 1



      Here is a snipplet of what my application code is


      <mx:Application xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml"  layout="absolute" backgroundColor="0xFFFFFF" height="100%" width="100%" autoLayout="true"
          xmlns:mkc="com.my.views.*" xmlns:mconnect="com.my.container.*" creationComplete="initPage()">





          <mconnect:CoverageTabNavigator id="coverageViewStack" tabPosition="leftTop"  name="coverageViewStack"
                      tabWidth="200" tabHeight="50"  width="900" height="500" paddingLeft="0" paddingTop="0" x="20" y="377">




      Now here comes the explanation of what I am doing..


      The code above shows a CoverageTabNavigator(just a name) which extends a ViewStack. For each tab, I am displaying a Grid and each row in the Grid is of different height. Also grids under different tabs can have varying number of rows.. So far I am able to modify the height of the viewstack based on the number of rows and their combined height for the selected tab. I am having trouble with the application height. A user can expand/collapse the grid row. Was able to get that in place.. My issue starts here. When the user keeps expanding all the subforms in the grid row, the combined height exceeds the application height.. How do I change the height of the application in case when the combined row height is much more than the Application height. I thought the percentage height will take care of it .. I am ok with displaying a scrollbar.


      I hope I was clear in explaining .. any inputs?