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    CheckBoxes and RadioButton looks like Push Buttons.

    Ugo Ducharme

      have a simple CRUD application where, in a <mx:Form> I have two radio buttons and one check box. The problem I have is that they don't look like radio button or checkbox, they look like normal push button.


      I know the check boxes and radion buttons are subclasses of buttons so the problem may reside in the button styling si, here is a part of my css :


      Application {
           background-alpha: 1;
           background-color: #ffffff;
           background-gradient-alphas: 0, 0;
           background-gradient-colors: #ffffff, #ffffff;   
           padding-bottom: 4;
           padding-top: 4;
           padding-left: 4;
           padding-right: 4;
           font-family: Arial;
           font-size: 12;
           modal-transparency-duration: 333;

      Button {
           corner-radius: 12;

      CheckBox {
           corner-radius: 0;

      RadioButton {
           text-align: center;


      Can someone help me in finding what is wrong?