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    Date Time Axis Problem

    ross a Level 1

      Hi Guys,


      I have a very strange problem with my date time axis, It seems to add 4 hours onto the label function (the data point will read 14:47 but the axis label will be 18:47)


      I am using a simple parse function to split a time string and create a new date, which works fine, however the label always seems to be 4 hours ahead of the actual data point.....



      my parse function looks like this:


      var SplitString1:String = s.split(" ")[0];
      var SplitString2:String = s.split(" ")[1];
      var a:Array = SplitString1.split("-");
      var b:Array = SplitString2.split(":");
      // Create the new Date object. Note that the month argument is 0-based (with 0 being January).
      var newDate:Date = new Date(a[0],a[1]-1,a[2],b[0],b[1]);


      return newDate.


      My data units for the date time axis are 'minutes'.


      Does anyone have an idea on what could be going wrong ????