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    View stage boundaries | select objects in multiple frames/layers



      I've got 2 things where I've typed every query I can think of into Google  and can't find an answer. In both cases I'm sure there's a simple answer that  I'm missing.

      When I add a graphic or picture that's larger than the stage, the stage is  hidden. I've got no idea where it is and therefore what's viewable.

      At the minute I'm creating a temporary extra layer on top to outline where  the boundaries are, but surely there is a function in the software to show the stage boundaries?

      I've added a picture, converted it to symbol, created another keyframe,  changed the alpha on that, created another keyframe, changed the alpha on that,  applied lots of tweening. Now I want to move the image elsewhere.

      Currently, I'm applying the transformation independently for each of those  frames which just seems a bit daft.
      Is there a better way?