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    gotoAndPlay HUGE flash BUG with chinese characters, please please help!

      Hi everyone,

      I discovered a huge bug in flash/actionscript that is caused by Chinese characters. Prepare yourself to see some weird things. So here is the bug:

      I have a simple file that contains 3 "section" in the timeline. Each has a language assigned to it. That means for example from frame 1 to 31 it's the language ENGLISH, from frame 32 to 61 it's CHINESE, from frame 62 to the end it's KOREAN.

      I only have 5 layers with 1 images and the rest is just a few text (30 characters max).

      The only actionscript I have is in the frame 1 and it goes like this:
      this.lang = "kr";

      if (this.lang == "cn") {

      if (this.lang == "kr") {

      So the actionscript would be suppose to go to the frame #62 when I run the flash. When I publish the .swf from flash and it's previews it with Flash Player, everything works fine. The bug happens when I view it within a browser. Instead of going to frame #62 it goes to the frame where there is Chinese characters. If I take out the chinese characters, the bug disappears. Also if you try to remove some layers, the bug aslo disappears.

      Please someone help me with this! Would it be possible to report this bug to Adobe support?

      Here is the .fla that I was talking to you about: http://www.dompelletier.com/_TEMP/_Copy2_splash_banner.fla

      Thank you very much!