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    Can't Install RoboHelp 8 - get system admin has set policies that prevent this installation.

    pjv@gs Level 1

      I work at Goldman Sachs.  My system administrator is logged into my PC and we're trying to install RoboHelp 8 from the CD.

      When we run AutoPlay, we get the language window and click OK.

      Then we get a window that says "The system adminstrator has set policies that prevent this installation".  When we click OK, the same window appears 2 more times.

      When we're finally able to exit that window, an Adobe Extend Script Toolkit CS4 - Setup Error window displays and the message is "Setup has encountered an error... Contact Adobe Support.


      We're trying to do a dual install to test RoboHelp 8 while still working in RoboHelp 7.  My PC was just reimaged and my administrator reinstalled RoboHelp 7 without any problems.


      Don't understand why we're having problems with RoboHelp 8 unless the setup is trying to go out to the web and pick something up at the beginning of the install.  Goldman's firewalls will not allow that.