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    Signing forms with Adobe Reader

    Lea Beeken

      We have created forms using Adobe Acrobat, and have enabled usage rights in adobe reader.  Some individuals are able to create digital IDs and sign without difficulty, but others can sign some forms and not others.  The weird thing is they click on the signature field, and nothing happens.  Any ideas?  We have been encouraging everyone to get the latest version of adobe reader...

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          Hello, I am not an expert, but having some difficulty with it myself , I came across some info regarding the compatibility of the individual's computer (station in a network) with the possibility of using Adobe Reader and Acrobat simultanuously. The other possible solution could lie in the version in which the original document to be signed was created. Don't know if this will be helpful.Success with it.(Trying to transfer the document into a more recent version, and then sign it, might help, but I can't do it myself any more).

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            Make sure the PDFs are being signed in the same version of Reader as they were created in, for example, if you created the PDF with Extended Rights enabled in Acrobat 9.1.1 then make sure to sign the PDF in Reader 9.1.1


            There is some issue in Acrobat, when the Extended Usage Rights are enabled, it sometimes creates version incompatibility problems. In this kind of issue upgrading Reader to the latest version may not actually help.

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              Lea Beeken Level 1

              Thank you for this- I believe it is the problem.



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                Lea Beeken Level 1

                Thank you for this - I believe it is the problem



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                  Lea Beeken Level 1

                  I'm not why, but a form I created earlier this year with Acrobat Professional 8 is being opened (and signed) by adobe reader 9. However, a form created recently with Acrobat Professional 8 is cannot be signed by adobe reader 9.  Could it be that the form was originally opened by adobe reader 8, and when the user upgraded to adobe reader 9 the form was still compatible?  Would this explain why a form created recently in Acrobat Professional 8 cannot be signed?


                  If we upgrade to Acrobat Professional 9, will opening the form and then saving it solve this problem?



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                    Steven.Madwin Adobe Employee

                    Hi Lea,


                    It is possible that the form was opened in version 6 or 7 of Acrobat and the usage rights were broken there. Once upon a time (like all good stories start ) when Reader Rights were invented we only made Adobe Reader obey the rules. If you opened a Reader enabled document in Adobe Acrobat you could do anything that you could do in a file that wasn't Reader enabled. The theory being that why should we limit the functionality in Acrobat (which peopled paid a lot of money for) just because the PDF file was Reader enabled. The problem was, if someone using the full featured Acrobat did something to the file that is outside of the range of Reader enabled operations it broke the Reader rights. The person using Acrobat did not know this and everything appeared all well and good to them. Unfortunately, the next Reader user to open the file got a message that the file was Reader enabled, but the rights are no longer valid and to contact the form author.


                    To fix this, beginning with Acrobat 8, if Acrobat encounters a PDF file that has been Reader enabled the same rules that are enforced in Reder are now enforced in Acrobat. That's why if you look on the Security tab on the Document Properties dialog it says that some features are restricted. But, Acrobat 6 and 7 can still break the Reader rights.



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                      Lea Beeken Level 1

                      Thanks - this makes more sense with the pattern we are seeing.  What we have been having people do is uninstall Adobe Reader, and re-install Adobe Reader 8 (our organization doesn't support Adobe Reader 9 - some conflict with Office 2007).  This appears to solve the problem.