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    Newbie, need help with margin set ups.


      I have set up a simple brochure file in Illustrator 8.5x11, from the template even.


      I exported the file to a jpeg for someone to print out, apparently on their computer.


      The file is being cut off when printing.


      Does anyone have any advice? I went to command P for print and went in output etc, i dont understand how to adjust the margins. I just want a simple trifold brochure to print out for someone who is trying to print the cheap way on his at home printer.



      Can anyone help?



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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          JPEG is not the right format for a brochure: it will be difficult to read, with a woolly look and an unnecessarily large file size.


          It is far better to save as PDF without rasterizing vector type/artwork to become image(s).


          And, you can see what it looks like in print if you save as PDF.


          You may post the result here for the helpers to see, if needed.

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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

            Also the Document set u and the New Document dialogs allow you the set the margins which have to conform to the printers requirement and since this is a home printer and i presume not a borderless type then your artwork and text must fall within those margins including any background color yu may create.


            And jpeg will be the size of the document so there will be margins in Illustrator but not in the jpeg.