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    Detecting Right click event

      How can I detect Right click event in Adobe flex??
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          atta707 Level 2
          see the buttonDown boolean property of MouseEvent class. That's the type of event you'll receive when you listen for click event on some component in Flex.
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            aruvasavi Level 1

            Thank u!!
            I know button down property will be true for left click n false for right click!!
            I already tried it, its not working!!
            Can u send me a sample Example code to do this!!
            Thank u very much!!

            Thnaks n Regards
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              g-s-b Level 1
              Some key codes are captured by the host system and not passed to Flash Player ( I believe. ) Others are captured by the Flash Player and not given to the application, I think. The right click is used by he browser and the flash player for "context menu" access.

              You can always use the context menu methods so that when triggered you can take self notification of the event. But you can not stop the context menu functionality.