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    Separating Into Tracks or Scenes II


      Hello All......


      I guess I'm running into problems I didn't anticipate.  I'm trying to import video files from my JVC Everio Gz-MG330 to my PC where I may be able to separate a 45 minute video into tracks.  The video is of a talent show and I would like to separate it into the individual acts.  My issue is in transferring the video files from my camera.  I created a file in Pictures and named it.  I then plugged in my camera via the USB, started it up by opening the monitor screen and selected Playback mode.  At first the files transferred, even though I didn't have the ability to choose which files to transfer; it just transferred the whole thing.  The files, however, were in .mod extension.  I thought they would be in .mpeg format.  I was a bit mistaken, and now I am unable to do anything with them.  The files are still on the camera, though, and I can start from scratch if someone can show this newbie what to do.  I believe it must be pretty simple to accomplish if I can be pointed into the right direction.