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    Wow...100 themes

      "When I saw the colors of the sunset [in Tribal Days], it visually stunned me to a point where I saw the perfect 100th theme. The maroon and black were found by kuler.

      This should be paired with World Mix or another global-vibe theme for maximum effect.

      100 themes is a huge milestone. Just five months ago, I was hopping on kuler for the first time and making some of my first themes, which got refined. When flickr was added in June, it opened my horizons significantly. I have led the way in taking new concepts to new levels. Rate My Space on kuler was the first big one, and it turned into great success in some themes.

      I pioneered the concept of stretching a theme across multiple actual themes. SportsChannel 1997, Indian Festival. I had more than five colors to tell a story with, and tell a story I did. I got peppermintpie on my trail with the first one.

      I've had some chart-creepers. Cloudy Palms, World of the Mermaids, Grocery Store Marketing, even Contemporary Beach House. Yet I find every theme has a story to tell. And I'll still be here to tell the stories of rooms on Rate My Space. Of photographs on Flickr. Of simple colors.

      This is just a start for me."

      And I forgot this: I invented a term on kuler. "Forked." That'll leave a mark.