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    Using CFWINDOW to Show Popup Window Form and Thanks

    cfcoder2 Level 1

      I have a link that creates a <cfwindow> type of popup window using the JS ColdFusion.Window.create() function call.

      I specify the params I want in that call. The content is specified by the source parameter. In that source file is a web form using <cfform> and the action of that form I specify to be the same source file (itself from a content point of view)... i.e. the source is /test/index.cfm and the cfform action="/test/index.cfm". The  code in this index.cfm file contains a <cfif> that checks for the form.submit button to be defined to differentiate between the code that runs the first pass ( shows the web form) and the 2nd pass (after form was submitted). I then use a <cfinclude> to specify the  contents of the Thanks message after the form submission. This works but seems to be the wrong way.  All the docs seem to suggest that the proper way is to change the source content.  But I don't see how to do that in this scenario since the window has not closed (hide) and no cfwindow or ColdFusion.Window.create() since it's already created and open.


      How would you refresh the popup window contents after a form submit in a popup such that it displays the action results in the same popup window?

      I've not seen any docs that specify how to do this.