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    Need help getting data out of a itemrenderer component

    majester8425 Level 1

      I have a datagrid populated via a dataprovider (arrayCollection). No issue there

      I have a dateField Custom itemRenderer (as a component) and this is populated fine, so no issue there either.


      However I can't seem to find any way of getting the data out (it can be edited, so it is no longer the original data). I can get the original data, but not the new data.


      I can't use an event as there are hundreds of rows that I need to manipulate to write back to the database. I just want to get all the values as displayed in the datagrid.


      I just want to loop through the datagrid and pull out the data as entered in the itemrenderer component object. In debug mode I can see


      event --> itemrenderer --> [inherited] --> mycustomecomponent --> text. I just can't seem to get at it.


      Any Ideas. It's got to be simple and I am just missing it I guess.