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    Sorted arraycollection not displaying sorted in ADG


      I have an ArrayCollection and add items to it using addItem().
      The ArrayCollection is bindable and is also the source of a GroupingCollection of an AdvancedDataGrid.
      The ArrayCollection is, theoretically, already sorted in the correct order following the routine to add items to it.
      Just to be sure, I'm sorting it using the following below (articlesArray is the ArrayCollection and groupArticles is the Grouping Collection).

      However, no matter how I try, the ADG is displaying them in a very odd order and not sorted at all. Even following the refreshes. FYI, I'm not getting any errors.

      Yes, of course the user can then sort them manually using column headers of the ADG, but they need to be specifically sorted before hand programatically.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!