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    fatal error - missing component


      My photoshop 4 11 will not open images of any kind...i get this message and when i click ok photoshop closes down.  After over an hour with a very poorly trained Indian who had problems with the english language he gave up and said his supervisor would contact me.  That didnt happen.  I have to say I have had very good adobe people  in India who were real pros...this was not one of them.  I want to bring canon mark 2 cr files into photoshop as raw to be used for hdr images.  Besides this problem I have tried to update to 11.1 and install the camera raw file that will allow me to do this but photoshop 11 will not allow me to do this.  If anyone can help and keep me out of the adobe money pit I will take them out to a fine dinner and drinks... dan mccoy santa fe, nm