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    Export turns out jerky/vibrating


      I'm making a simple movie, its approximatly 7 minutes long.  Its a screen capture tutorial.  I would like to set it up to play on most standard dvd players.


      My video consists of 1 AVI import, seperated by titles as commentary.  The AVI itself plays fine, but when exported as a movie (once the titles are added) in Premiere Pro CS3 it plays back jerky and the screen looks like its vibrating.


      My Settings:


      Standard 48 kHz






      To export I chose File -> Export -> Movie

      File Settings: Microsoft DV AVI

      Range: entire sequence.

      Embedding options: project


      Compressor: DV NTSC

      Color Depth: Millions of colors

      Frame rate 29.97 fps

      Pixel aspect ration: d1/dv NTSC (0.9)

      Data rate: recompress, maintain data rate


      Bit Depth: use project setting


      There is no audio.


      This is my FIRST premiere video and I'm not sure why the exporting is not working well.  I'm new to this, so VERY simple explanations please.  Please note I have NO clue what I'm doing.