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    Need help to batch color editing images on PDFs

    colourit2000 Level 1

      We received PDFs (total few hundreds pages) with average 2 to 3 square-up images on each page.


      Our job is to:

      1. open up those PDFs, use the image-editing tool (right-click) from the Advance Editing menu to select the images one-by-one;

      2. then edit the color using Photoshop, with a pre-save curve

      3. save it and get the image updated on the PDF.


      As you can see, it is a very tedious job for a project of close to thousands pcs of images to be edited in the same manner. Thus I were thinking of using scripts (preferable applescript but javascript is fine too) to perform the task but I don't know where to start from.


      Helps and advices are much appreciated. Thanks!