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    What do I need to save and How to back up a book?

    Mr. Handley Level 1

      Bought a book yesterday that I want to be able to backup  for any eventual new computer/new OS installs that I may need to do in the future.


      I have read through the Faq, put it is silent on this issue, only going over how to move to another computer.... I'll do that, and take away one of the installs I have when I want to restore from the backup should/when I reinstall the operating system, upgrade to a dif one, or change computers.  What file(s) do I need to store now, so that I can install the book onto a new computer setup later.


      If I had known that this Digital Edition book was such a burden for the consumer, I would never have bought it.  It will be the last Digital Edition book I ever buy.  This copyright protection crap is only a pain in the *** for the honest consumer, hackers/pirates will go right around this with ease.  Locks only keep honest people out.


      When I buy something, I expect to own it forever, not through six installs and then, have to buy it again.  Last Digital Edition for me!