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    How to add something with mocha tracking?


      Hello, this problem is driving me insane, but I fear the answer is simple...

      I am on quite a tight deadline, so it jsut stresses me out to read the manual. Besides, I have already succeeded in tracking four paintings on a wall and replacing them with moving images. However this time, I am not trying to replace something but add something, namely a person on a greenscreen background. I thought it would be easier, but when I import the tracking data into After Effects it (of course?) decreases the size so that the whole frame around the character fits inside the surface square. The character becomes really tiny and ultranarrow. Also, the tracking is not really perfect either, although it is in Mocha. The character is not supposed to be visible at first.


      Please tell me you understand and that this is a simple problem! I just want to place the character so that he seems to be standing on the same place the whole time.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Please tell me you understand and that this is a simple problem!


          I'm afraid it isn't. Support for fitting content that does not match the resolution of the tracked footage has only been added in the mochaAE v2 upgrade and you need to pay for that. Similarly, all other solutions that could help you in this situation (Red Giant Warp, Revision FX' RE:Map) also cost money. It may be possible to write some expressions that compensate the offsets, but depending on the perspective amount, tweaking the value ranges and vector math could be tricky. As for your track being jittery or floaty - well, even mocha can't do miracles. If the footage was not shot with the tracking in mind, it will have problematic frames with not enough distinct features and then you'll have to manually correct. Scripts like KeyTweak can certainly help there....



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            yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

            You can still try to track your footage using the AE built in tracker. Then you could track different part of your shot with different features and then parent them together to have a full lenght nice track.


            Andrew Kramer explains how to do that in his Set expension tut.