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    Dynamic Link from Premiere CS4

    Alex DeJesus Level 1

      When I export Premiere to AE, the composition icon in AE but nothing else.No associated video files, etc. I double-click it or drag it into the timeline area - nothing happens. However, I am able import a Premiere project frm within AE and I can do all those things - but Dynamic Link is not involved. Can I link the two after the fact?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I don't really get what you are saying. For DynamicLink, you do not export anything, you open the saved Premiere Pro project using the DynamicLink option in the import dialog. Upon doing so, you will be prompted with what sequence to use and that's all. If you are referring to creating a AE comp from Premiere using Replace with AE Composition, then that's a different thing. In either case, however, the AE project must be saved in the same location as the Premiere project for things to show up properly.



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            Alex DeJesus Level 1

            From Premiere File, Adobe Dynamic Link, Creat new AE Composition. It opens up AE with the Premiere sequence icon in the project window, but you can't do anything with it in AE. I was just curious. Importing into AE is good because it lets you choose which sequences to import. Thanks