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    Odd behavior with the Pre 7 organizer


      I have a project that I'm working on that uses files in a directory with a couple hundred clips (I captured with Pre 3 and it split all the scenes into separate files).  Anyway, the organizer is pretty full now and I'm having a hard time finding things.  I noticed that some of the clips aren't showing in the organizer, numbers in the sequence were missing.  So I tried importing one of the missing files.  The files import seems to work, the clip shows in the project organizer screen, but it doesn't show in the main organizer screen.  I seem to be unable to access dozens of clips from the organizer, they don't show up.  Any clues?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The Organizer has so many filters (both manual and automatic) that it can make you crazy until you get used to it.


          For one thing, when  you say the Organizer, are you talking about the little Organize panel in Premiere Elements or the big, full-featured Organizer that opens when you click the Tagging button?The little panel will usually only display the last few files you've added.


          If you haven't done so, click the Tagging button to open up the full Organizer. In the big Organizer it should be clearer how to locate your files and filter your searches.

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            dthomp03 Level 1

            I was refering to window that opens when Pre 7 opens.  I hit the tagging button and found at least the one file I was looking for.  Is there a way to sort alphabetically so I can check that all of the files are in there?


            Seems odd that you hit tagging to open the organizer, I would think there would be something more intuitive.