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    How to get data binding in Flex 3 work off of a non-file XML source(loaded dynamically based on user trigger) ?



      I am writing a Flex 3 application to pull information from newsfeeds and then binding that data to MXML controls so the user can interact with the data. I found a number of samples showing how to bind to a XML data source where the data itself loads from files and is available as soon as the application loads. In my scenario ,the XML data source in memory will get populated with data only when user clicks on a menu item. In this scenario, will the bound control pull data when available or is there a programmatic way to initiate the data refresh?

      I am in the middle of debugging the code to pull data from Google news feeds. Want to make sure that when I get it working I won't run into data binding issues:)

      Really appreciate your help on this. This is a great forum and  I will post more working code snippets on this as I find success with Flex 3:)