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    viewing video from IP camera (security camera)


      I have bought an Axis 209 Camera, it is a very high quality IP camera. It has RTSP streaming, MPEG4 (h.264). Here is the data sheet:



      I can watch the video from the web camera in my firefox browser easily. I have tried some code actionscript examples to use the  flash.net.NetConnection and   flash.net.NetStream components to watch the video in my Air application.  It is not working!


      Is h.264 video from a IP camera possible? I have seen many conflicting articles on this subject. I know that Flex supports playing local mpeg4 flat files, but I have not seen any working examples of playing mpeg4 video from an ip camera.


      If it is not supported, what is the workaround to watch ip cam video in my Flex / Air application???


      Could I embed a browser window in my Flex app???



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          Hello there, I also wanted to implement this method but I have no luck from all the research that I've done online. It keeps on redirecting me to a thread that tells me to use FMS. I have no clue about the alternative implementation, I just want to view a live video and NOT EVEN RECORD it into my flex flash/air application. And the reason that I am giving this comment on your post is because, probably, you have figured it out by now(I really hope so) since this post of yours was around 2009.

          Pls give a response, I would totally appreciate it. Very much. Thanks!