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    Make Action Script connect to XML link



      Please if somebody can help me with this issue.


      I have Flash Movie (with multiple movie symbols) file that parses XML file(gallery.load("gallery.xml") with this


                  <title>View of Seattle</title>
                  <desc>View of Seattle</desc>

                  <title>View of New York</title>
                  <desc>View of New York</desc>
                  <thumb>New York.jpg</thumb>
                  <img link="http://www.newyork.com">New York</img>



      Action Script places first image in Flash File new movie symbol (new window).

                this.onRelease = function()

                showFullImage(this.imgToLoad, this.imgDesc);


      My problem is:

                 i need to connect to image or to http

                 depending on the tag in xml.


                 In first example <thumb>Seattle5.jpg</thumb> button click will send image to Flash movie new window while

                 <thumb>New York.jpg</thumb> click will open http://www.newyork.com


                this.onRelease = function()

                showFullImage(this.imgToLoad, this.imgDesc);


                i need to diferentiate here to let the ActionScript know that there is link present in XML


               getUrl(Link, "_blank");




      How can i make this split in Actionscript.


      Thank you