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    RH5 crashes when trying to import a topic (update: can I manually import?)


      I'm still not having any luck with the issue described below. I reinstalled RH and uninstalled SP3 -- neither worked. I'm still hoping to figure something out, but in the mean time...


      Is there any negative impact to manually importing topics? I copied the HTML files from their source folder into the appropriate project folder, and then edited the .fpj file so the files would be recognized as topics. I compiled the project, and the manually imported topics seem to behave the same as all of the others. (I'm outputting to WinHelp.)


      Does anyone have any experience with this? Any idea if there are issues I may run across that I'm not taking into account?


      Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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      When I right-click a project folder, and then click Import, RH stops responding. The dialog box that usually appears when importing a topic flashes for less than a second and then disappears. I've let the program run (or not run) for several minutes before using Task Manager to shut it down.


      I'd imported several topics without issue, then a few days later, this started happening. I created a new project, and I have the same problem with it.


      I'm using RH HTML X5.0.2 with Windows XP, SP3.


      I installed SP3 before this issue occurred. Does anyone have any experience with SP3 and RH5 compatibility issues? I'll try uninstalling SP3, but I wanted to check first and see if anyone had other suggestions.