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    Premiere Pro not responding




      Yesterday I was working on a project when I suddenly experienced frequent and random hanging. Later on I can't even open the file without the dreaded Not Responding thing. I thought the project file was corrupted so I deleted it.


      Today I restarted the whole thing but halfway through it hanged. Now, I can't open the file without Not Responding, again!




      CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo  E8400 @ 3.6GHz

      Memory: 1GB Crucial DDR2-800MHz x2

      Video: Nvidia Geforce 9600GT

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          F.Terh Level 1

          Okay, I restarted my computer, opened Premiere Pro and opened the project. It loads without hanging. I added some transitions, did some minor editing, and save it. I wanted to export it as a .mp4 to add some effects with After Effects. I went to File>Export>Media, chose H.264 and chose my custom template (which worked before). It brings me to Adobe Media Encoder, I clicked Start Queue, and it hanged.

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            As a side note, your work flow is less than ideal.  H.264 is a final delivery medium, not a proper intermediary.  Use something like Uncompressed or Lagarith for that. Or better yet, the Dynamic Link feature of CS4.

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              F.Terh Level 1

              Is it advisable to import the Premiere Pro Project file into After Effects rather than a rendered movie file? And can you list some examples of uncompressed file formats for Premiere Pro?

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                You are weak in the memory department. 1 GB is just not enough. At least double that.


                Second Jim already gave you a short list, uncompressed and Lagarith. Another is HuffYuv.


                In general edit without converting if possible to avoid losses. Only convert to your final format when you are completely done.

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                  F.Terh Level 1

                  You misunderstood. 1GB x2, total 2GB. Though that only just HIT the requirements and not exactly surpass it by much. I reckon that's why it lags so much and shows the dreaded Not Responding.


                  Also does uncompressed = no loss at all? And when I import the raw .mov into AE there is no sound, normal?

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7
                    Also does uncompressed = no loss at all?


                    Also does uncompressed = no MORE loss at all? The compression in your source format created losses and can not be undone.


                    The not responding can be caused by numerous factors, amongst them weakness in the disk setup, indexing or compression left on, processes running, or a whole lot of other reasons. Reread my earlier link, including the link to the Wiki troubleshooting section and the more general troubleshooting guide.

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                      F.Terh Level 1

                      I think it's the RAM problem.


                      See, previously when I was using Sony Vegas 9 there was no problem. I checked the system requirements and its memory requirements are 1GB (no surprise). Photoshop runs great too, and it's memory requirements are 1GB too. AE and PP requires 2GB and thus I can't run it properly.



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                        F.Terh Level 1

                        Just a couple of hours ago I tried this.


                        I restarted my system to clear the RAM, exited Messenger, Xfire and a couple of unneccesary applications, opened Premiere Pro and tried to render. I checked the progress after 30 minutes and I saw that an error occured. I opened the error log and this is it:


                        - Source File: C:\Users\Fabian\AppData\Local\Temp\render_1.prproj
                        - Output File: F:\vlog\2009-08-22\sequence1_1.mp4
                        - Preset Used: Custom
                        - Video: NTSC, 1280x720, 29.97 [fps], Progressive
                        - Audio: AAC, 192 [kbps], 48 kHz, Stereo
                        - Bitrate: VBR, 1 Pass, Target 6.00, Max 10.00 [Mbps]
                        - Encoding Time: 00:27:50
                        23/8/2009 7:33:11 PM : Encoding Failed
                        Error compiling movie.


                        Unknown error.

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                          Jim_Simon Level 9

                          Well...at least now it's 'responding'.

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                            F.Terh Level 1

                            Well but it doesn't get the job done either.


                            Should I buy a pair of 2GB RAM? It costs S$99, I'm a student and have limited funds, so I want to make sure it's the memory before buying it.

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                              Jim_Simon Level 9

                              While the added memory is a good idea, I'd be surprised if that alone solved these issues.

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                                F.Terh Level 1

                                Why'd you say so, and what else do you think I should do? Oh yeah, I tried rendering just like 10 seconds of the video, and it encoded smoothly without errors


                                P/S: I'm installing 4.0.1 and 4.1.0 updates, it might help. Just a quick question, can I install 4.1 without installing 4.0.1?

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                                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                                  Hard to know for sure, because you have NOT answered the questions or provided the infomation requested TWICE. Post #1 and post #7.

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                                    F.Terh Level 1

                                    Uh didn't I already list out the steps I did accurately and in detail?


                                    Post 1 and Post 7 are asking me to read the thread, which I did and thus listed out my steps in detail. I'm going through the Troubleshooting guide now


                                    Thanks for all your help! I appreciate it!

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                                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                                      This ARTICLE might furnish you with some ideas on gathering clues to what is causing the hangs. Please report on any error messages, and any warning messages with links.


                                      Good luck,



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                                        F.Terh Level 1

                                        Harm Millaard I get what you mean about not providing requested information. Sorry, I didn't scroll down when I checked the Troubleshooting page (http://premierepro.wikia.com/wiki/Troubleshooting). Okay so here is the information.


                                        Codecs used:

                                        • Video files are 1280*720 (16:9) at 30.000fps, M-JPEG (different files have different Mbps, though)
                                        • Audio (video) files are 256kbps, 16.0KHz, 1 channel, PCM (Big/Signed)
                                        • Audio (commentary) files are 128Kbps, 44.1KHz, 1 channel, MPEG Audio (Version 1)(Layer 3) [Note: Recorded with Audacity and exported to .mp3 using the LAME plugin, I dunno why it doesn't state the encoding]
                                        • Audio (music) files are 320Kbps, 44.1KHz, 2 channels, MPEG Audio (Version 1)(Layer 3)(Joint Stereo); Encoding settings: LAME 32bits version 3.98.2


                                        Premiere Pro

                                        1. Version number: CS4 4.1.0
                                        2. Installation language: English
                                        3. Updates applied: 4.0.1, 4.1.0
                                        4. Project settings:
                                          • Title Safe Area: 20% horizontal 20% vertical
                                          • Action Safe Area: 10% horizontal 10% vertical
                                          • Video display format: Timecode
                                          • Audio display format: Audio Samples
                                          • Capture format: HDV
                                          • Scratch Disks: Everything to "Same as Project"

                                           5. Sequence settings:

                                          • General [grayed out]
                                            • Editing Mode: HDV 720p
                                            • Timebase: 29.97 frames/second
                                          • Video
                                            • Frame Size: 1280 horizontal 720 vertical (16:9) [grayed out]
                                            • Pixel Aspect Ratio: Square Pixels (1.0) [grayed out]
                                            • Fields: No Fields (Progressive Scan) [grayed out]
                                            • Display Format: 30fps Drop-Frame Timecode [NOT grayed out]
                                          • Audio
                                            • Sample Rate: 48000 Hz [grayed out]
                                            • Display Format: Audio Samples [NOT grayed out]'
                                          • Video Previews:
                                            • Preview File Format: I-Frame Only MPEG [NOT grayed out]
                                            • Codec: MPEG I-Frame [grayed out]
                                            • Maximum Bit Depth: Unchecked
                                            • Maximum Render Quality: Unchecked

                                        Operating System

                                        1. Windows Vista Home Premium
                                        2. Should be pretty much updated; just reformatted so I gotta give it a couple of weeks to catch up on the updates
                                        3. English
                                        4. 1680x1050; Highest (32 bit)


                                        Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz, overclocked till 3.65GHz

                                        2GB DDR2-800MHz (2 modules of 1GB each)


                                        Video card

                                        1. Leadtek
                                        2. Nvidia 9600GT


                                        1 monitor


                                        Audio card

                                        1. Realtek (onboard) and Steelseries (external audio)
                                        2. -NA-
                                        3. 6.0.6000.16386 (High Definition Audio Device) and (USB PnP Sound Device)

                                          Each hard drive's capacity and space remaining

                                          • Partitions of Western Digital 640GB
                                            • [OS] C: 30.1GB free of 56.6GB
                                            • D: 6.70GB free of 10.3GB
                                            • [PP & AE installed here] E: 266GB free of 529GB
                                            • [Media, scratch disks and project files stored here] F: 231GB free of 232GB
                                            • J: 219GB free of 232GB
                                            • K: 119GB free of 232GB

                                              Hardware capture device: NA

                                              Capture software: NA


                                              Comprehensive list of third-party plug-ins you installed.NA

                                              Exact text of any error messages: See post 9


                                              Explain clearly what you want to do, what you are doing and what the result i: I wanted to render my sequence, I was doing minor edits, and Adobe Media Encoder stopped encoding halfway through (It didn't hang though) and when I alt-tabbed to Premiere Pro it says Not Responding.It worked if I render only the first 10 seconds or so of the video.


                                              I have restarted my system to clear the memory and cache, exited Windows Live Messenger and Xfire, disabled my Firewall and Anti-virus.

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                                                Harm Millaard Level 7

                                                First, you have either the MainConcept or Morgan MJPEG codec installed, right? Either one is good for your source.


                                                I do not understand your disk setup. Are we talking about 1, 2, or 3 PHYSICAL disks. If 1, the capacities do not match, if 2 they still do not match, if 3 you have unallocated space. Why have you partitioned these or this disk? Partitioning was useful in the previous century when disks were limited in size and extremely expensive. Nowadays, it is advised to NOT partition any disk and use at least 3 physical disks in your editing system, preferably even more. 1 TB disks are less than $ 100 nowadays.


                                                The not responding error could very well stem from this disk setup.


                                                Check whether your video driver is the most current. I think nVidia is now somewhere around 10.??

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                                                  F.Terh Level 1

                                                  There are 2 physical hard disks. One is a 640GB one (C, D, and E belong there) and another is a 750GB one (F, J, K) I partition them so as to organise my data. System files go into C, school goes into D and data (like software, games, etc) go into E. F is the 2nd "E" when E runs out. J and K is my dad's; it's for his entertainment and work purposes.


                                                  And yes, my video driver is the most recent. I downloaded it yesterday off Nvidia's site after reformatting.

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                                                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                                                    At this moment nothing, apart from the MJPEG codec, as asked above pops out for causing this error. Would you please go back to my Some suggestions link, follow the second link, go to the end and supply the requested info from Process Explorer, Speedfan and DXDIAG?

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                                                      F.Terh Level 1

                                                      The link you gave me is 64-bits, my system runs on 32-bits.


                                                      But this is weird. Even with the 32-bits one (http://www.nvidia.com/object/win7_winvista_32bit_190.62_whql.html) it states that the release date is 2009.08.21 I swore I downloaded the latest one yesterday. If you look at the last 5 digits of my driver version it coincides with 190.62; but the relase date stated in Device Manager is 17 August 2009.


                                                      I don't think I will upgrade the driver because I just downloaded it yesterday.


                                                      And why isn't partitions healthy for the system?

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                                                        F.Terh Level 1

                                                        Right now my Premiere Pro isn't running so I dunno if Process Explorer has the information you want. It's too large to take a screenshot so I'll save it in a file and attach it.

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                                                          Harm Millaard Level 7

                                                          Looking at the Process Explorer screenshot, there are a number of processes that you ought to kill. A number of them are devastating on performance.


                                                          1. Turn of search indexing on all drives and in all folders. Go to My Computer, right click on a drive, select properties and make sure both tick boxes in the bottom of the screen are clear. Repeat that for all your partitioned drives. Skip those files where Vista claims it can not turn off indexing.


                                                          23-08-2009 01-12-36.jpg


                                                          2. Kill these processes:


                                                               klwtblfs.exe, wlcomm.exe, cmdagent.exe, wuauclt.exe, AppleMobileDeviceService.exe, PDAgent.exe, PnkBstrA.exe, StarWindServiceAE.exe, nvSCPAPISvr.exe, mscorsvw.exe, cfp.exe, razerhid.exe, razertra.exe, razerofa.exe, msnmsger.exe, xfire.exe.


                                                          3. Download CCleaner.exe to make it easier to avoid the startup of programs at boot time.


                                                          4. Have a look at the Tuning Vista Guide and the Storage Guide here: How to get the best from a PC? Some guides...


                                                          I'll have a look at the rest of the info and get back to you, but especially point 1 will already make a noticeable difference.

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                                                            Harm Millaard Level 7

                                                            What PSU do you have? Your +12V rail is only showing 8.80V. Does it happen to be an old PSU from your previous system? If so, you have a problem with capacitor aging.

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                                                              F.Terh Level 1

                                                              I have a Corsair HX520W PSU. And I bought it about 359 days ago on 30 Aug 2008 with the rest of my system.

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                                                                F.Terh Level 1

                                                                cmdagent.exe is my Firewall, I don't think I can kill it; it must have some sort of built-in protection against malware trying to kill the application. And as for AppleMobileDeviceService.exe it shouldn't be there; iTunes and Quicktime are disabled for startup programs in Msconfig.exe. Some other like PDAgent.exe and PnkBstrA.exe are not listed in msconfig so I can't disable. But I'll kill all these processes before rendering.


                                                                Also I'm buying 4GB of memory soon. Even if the memory does not help the problem, 2 extra gigabytes of memory should make video-editing smoother and more responsive. Though I doubt that the memory is not the cause

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                                                                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                                                                  One year old and 520 W should not cause problems, because you do not have a loaded system. Temperatures are OK and from the DXDIAG it shows that indeed your video driver is up to date. It also confirms your earlier explanation about your physical disk setup. Nothing out of the ordinary in the file, but thanks for posting it so quickly, because it makes it a lot easier to get to the point and help.


                                                                  This is an after the fact statement, and don't take it too personally, but the link in post #1, had you read it completely and responded accordingly, would have made life a lot easier, don't you agree?


                                                                  Take your time to read the Guides I linked you to in post #24, they really can help I think. It will take some time, because it is often not only the OP, but also the valuable information in the rest of the thread. This may sound presumptuous, but from a number of reactions it helped a lot of people.

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                                                                    F.Terh Level 1

                                                                    So is the 8.80V on the 12V rail anything to worry about?


                                                                    And the last part, yeah I agree completely. When I saw the troubleshooting part I kind of got distracted and scanned through it, trying to identify any mistakes I might have accidentally committed. Gotta focus... don't get distracted... *Grits teeth* haha.


                                                                    So I hope that the RAM fixes it, along with the disability of indexing and termination of applications.

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                                                                      Harm Millaard Level 7
                                                                      So is the 8.80V on the 12V rail anything to worry about?


                                                                      Check whether HWMonitor reports the same (I guess it would, with maybe minor differences) and if they are both comparable, yes I would start to worry, because with these low voltages all kinds of strange, unexpected and hard to locate errors may pop up at anytime. It might even be the underlaying cause of your not responding errors. I have had two PSU units fail on a previous system, but before I diagnosed the PSU as the culprit, I had spent days of troubleshooting, cursing the instability of Premiere (incorrectly after all), losing all kinds of work, trying to work around it with saves every 5 minutes, or even after a single more complex edit, saving a copy as well, just to be able to get my previous work back.


                                                                      Usually you have a decent guaranteee for several years, but it is rather cumbersome to remove the PSU and reconnect a new one in an existing case.


                                                                      PS. I have no serious objections if you want to reward points for the answers by clicking the corresponding button beneath the relevant post.

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                                                                        F.Terh Level 1

                                                                        This is freaking frustrating..


                                                                        I restarted my computer, killed the processes listed and started Premiere Pro. (Indexing is already turned off) I clicked on the Sequence, went to File>Export>Media.


                                                                        I dragged the "Beginning" slider bar to somewhere in the middle, and tried to slide the "End" slider bar to about 20 seconds after the beginning one. And the program froze, and says "Not Responding" after a second or two.


                                                                        What the heck? Could it be my power supply: the problem with the 8.80V on the +12V rails?

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                                                                          Harm Millaard Level 7

                                                                          Before jumping to conclusions, can you try a new project with new material, preferably either DV or HDV from a corresponding video camera and see if it still happens? Your project could have gottern corrupted, your source material from a digital still camera, may cause problems despite the MC or Morgan codec. Let's make sure that the source material is not at the heart of this.

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                                                                            F.Terh Level 1

                                                                            Oh yeah and I think that my PSU is alright and that these generic softwares are inaccurate; because BIOS report 12.0xxV which looks perfectly normal. I googled for more information and realised that if such low voltages do occur the computer would have crashed and not remain rock solid.


                                                                            And could it be that my project is corrupted? If so it would be the 2nd time in a row? I tried creating a new project, importing only the video files, arranging them in order and trying to export. I manage to slide the slider bars without any problem.


                                                                            I then tried to open my project file and it stopped responding.


                                                                            I have no idea why. All I did was to arrange the video clips with some transitions, add background music and sound effects. And a couple of titles. While googling a few days ago I came across an article saying that titles will cause the program to stop responding or something like that? Anybody has any experience with such incidents?


                                                                            This is frustrating to the max. I wanted to render it and upload it to Youtube on Saturday, and I've been delayed for 2 days already! Argh....

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                                                                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                                              Take a look at this ARTICLE on how to gather some clues, when you get a crash, or a hang. There could be something happening, that is not yielding an error message on the screen. Also, look at what gets started, about the time of the hang - first you'll be looking for the errors and warnings, but then poke about in the "normal" messages at the time of the crash/hang. Could be something else starting, that is fritzing up PrPro, though that "something" is not throwing an error by itself.


                                                                              Good luck,



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                                                                                F.Terh Level 1

                                                                                I did an experiment. I restarted the computer, opened Premiere Pro, opened my "actual project" with the footage, background music, titles, transitions, video effects, etc. I clicked on the sequence and went to File>Export>Media and tried to drag the "End" slider thingy. It moved an inch and hanged.


                                                                                I restarted the computer, opened Premiere Pro, opened my "test project". It's basically just the footage arranged side-by-side on the timeline, without music, titles, transitions or video effects. I clicked on the sequence and went to File>Export>Media and I can slide the sliders; no problem.


                                                                                So I think it's the memory as more complex projects require higher processing power and memory I'm getting 4GB of memory this Friday so I'll cross my fingers.






                                                                                Okay I made it hang and this is what I got. It's with the "actual" project by the way. It is weird; this time I opened it after running Firefox - by right performance should be worse. But I opened the project, clicked on the sequence, went to File>Export>Media and I could slide the sliders thing. I proceeded till the Adobe Media Encoder screen and I saw that it was an avi not H.264. I removed the sequence from the queue, wanting to change the format and export to AME again. But it hanged. This is the log from Event Viewer.


                                                                                I guess in life things don't go according to theory. Weird stuff happens. Lol.


                                                                                Level: Error

                                                                                Date and Time: 25/8/2009 9:43:05 PM

                                                                                Source: Application Hang

                                                                                Event ID: 1002

                                                                                Task Category: (101)



                                                                                The program Adobe Premiere Pro.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Problem Reports and Solutions control panel. Process ID: 12b4 Start Time: 01ca2589cd52b737 Termination Time: 31

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                                                                                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                                                                                  because of error 0x80041003


                                                                                  This generally indicates that memory at that reported address could not be accessed, i.e. written to, or read from. This often happens when a program, or Process has inaccurately reported memory address usage to the OS. The problem can be with any program, or Process, and it may have even been loaded at boot. If there were any links on the message that you refer to, please follow them, as they may tell you what the faulting program/Process was. Or, they might not.


                                                                                  The first thing that I do, before I do any editing, is clean out my system, using MSCONFIG to eliminate all unnecessary programs and Processes at boot. These are things like MS Messenger, iTunes Helper, Bonjour Services (I do need this for one progarm on my laptop, so I keep it there), and the like. These are little things that are usually installed by the OS, other programs, or the folk, who build the machine. Unless subsequent installs add this sort of stuff back, this is a one-shot deal.


                                                                                  Next, I manually Exit from my AV, spyware sweepers and pop-up blockers.


                                                                                  Last, I run a little utility, called EndItAll2, to then shut down all unnecessary programs and Processes (on a session basis, and not permanently, like MSCONFIG), prior to editing.


                                                                                  This gets my machine in as lean, clean and mean a status, as I can. Then, I edit.


                                                                                  You might want to look into eliminating all unnecessary programs and Processes, to see if you can eliminate what is inaccurately reporting memory usage to the OS.


                                                                                  Good luck,



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                                                                                    F.Terh Level 1

                                                                                    So I closed Firefox, exited Messenger, Kaspersky, Comodo Firewall, Xfire. I exited about 10 processes from Windows Task Manager. Then I opened Premiere Pro. I opened my project, it loads, but the screen stays blank. The "Not Responding" didn't appear though; 10 seconds later I got a BSOD.


                                                                                    These are the details.


                                                                                    Problem signature:
                                                                                       Problem Event Name:    BlueScreen
                                                                                       OS Version:    6.0.6001.
                                                                                       Locale ID:    18441


                                                                                    Additional information about the problem:
                                                                                       BCCode:    1000008e
                                                                                       BCP1:    C0000047
                                                                                       BCP2:    81E42B95
                                                                                       BCP3:    81EFF794
                                                                                       BCP4:    00000000
                                                                                       OS Version:    6_0_6001
                                                                                       Service Pack:    1_0
                                                                                       Product:    768_1


                                                                                    Files that help describe the problem:


                                                                                    Read our privacy statement:


                                                                                    The 3 files are attached, hopefully someone knows how to debug them. Oh and you have to rename Mini082609.dmp.txt to .dmp.


                                                                                    And now I really suspect that this:


                                                                                    Event filter with query "SELECT * FROM __InstanceModificationEvent WITHIN 60 WHERE TargetInstance ISA "Win32_Processor" AND TargetInstance.LoadPercentage > 99" could not be reactivated in namespace "//./root/CIMV2" because of error 0x80041003. Events cannot be delivered through this filter until the problem is corrected.


                                                                                    is the error caused by the BSOD. Because the timing's really close and it's the only error between the dozens of Information.

                                                                                    • 38. Re: Premiere Pro not responding
                                                                                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                                                                                      This looks more and more like a hardware problem. Start with a memory check, BSOD's are almost always hardware related.

                                                                                      • 39. Re: Premiere Pro not responding
                                                                                        F.Terh Level 1

                                                                                        It's the 1st BSOD crash for Premiere Pro, the rest are not-respondings without BSODs. I'll run Memtest86+ asap though.

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