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    multi/sub-object material exports from 3DS into SW


      Hi everyone,


      I have been having a lot of trouble applying multiple UV maps to an object in 3ds max. Apparently, Shockwave 3D supports mapping adjustments though the UV Map modifier, but not those made through the Material Editor.

      I have separated the polys in my model into groups that correspond to the sub-object groups in the material editor. Then I have moved the textures into place with the UV Map modifier. However, the appearence of the tuxtures on the model after it has been imported into director is very touch and go.... Sometimes they are there (rarely), and even then they appear differently - either warped or the wrong size. It is not my use of the map modifier, as the model looks normal in 3ds. Does anyone have any exerience with the UV Map for SW export?


      Any help would be great,