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    CS4 Not importing audio


      I capture some DV video in CS4 using default settings for audio and video in computer A. After I finished capturing I moved the files to another computer (computer B) for editing but when I play the video on the time line or the Project windows there is no audio. When I check the waveform of the file is completely empty. However, i can play the files using Windows Media Player on either computer. I capture some video from computer B (the ones that doesn't play the audio) and I can capture with audio. The metadata shows audio even though it can play it. Makes me think that is a setting somewhere within CS4 that I'm missing while importing but the import command is very straight forward. Not sure of anything that can be changed.


      I don't want to re-capture all the project again if I don't need to but I really need to figure what's wrong as I usually follow that workflow where one computer captures while another edits. Any help is very much appreciated.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          My first guess is impatience.  When Premiere imports a clip, it has to create .pek files for them.  Audio often won't be heard until that .pek file is created.  You can monitor the progress in the lower right hand corner of Premiere.  The difference between import and capture is that the .pek files are created immediately after a clip is captured, so by the time capture is done, all the clips have their .pek files.  With import, it gets done one at a time and can take a bit.

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            e-motions Level 1

            Thank you Jim but no, is not impatience. I'm aware of the .pek files and I let them finish before I even try to play. I've been a Premiere user since version 5.1 so I pretty much know the workflow.


            The only detail that I left on my orginal posting is that computer B is a 64 bit Vista installation. The original files where captured on a Vista 32.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              That should make no difference.  And indeed, it hasn't for me.


              Other than the whole .pek file thing, I can't think of any other explanation that fits all the data provided.

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                e-motions Level 1

                Right, it shouldn't, but I figure is better to give as much detail as possible.

                Well, I appreciate you trying. I'll have to contact Adobe directly on Monday if no one else has experience something similar.

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                  I have a similar problem.
                  Every time I open a project the Pek file are generated all over again.
                  It takes hours to finish.
                  I can hear the sounds, but I can't see the waveform until the pek file are made.
                  My question is how do I make premiere remember the Pek files so it doesn't do the work of making them each time I open the project.
                  I can't find a setting that controls where these files reside.

                  Everything is slowed down until it finishes.

                  I too am using Vista 64 bit.

                  On a side note, whenever I goto File there is usually a ten second delay before the drop-down opens.

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    Looks like a system problem. Can you supply details?