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    Comments in Adobe Reader 9


      I created a PDF on Acrobat.com, and when I try to open it with Adobe Reader 9, the ability to use Comments is disabled because I wasn't the "creator."


      Why are the comments disabled even when there are no security restrictions? The comments are an awesome feature that I'd like to use, but I can't activate them in this one document no matter what I do?


      Any thoughts? Assistance?

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          Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The document must be enabled for commenting with Adobe Reader. You can enable the document with Adobe Acrobat.

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            I don't believe this issue has anything to do with the appropriate settings being made in Adobe.  We have a similar issue here.  Documents are setup in Adobe with comments allowed and then sent out.  If the person receiving it has a workstation that has only ever had Reader 9 installed they don't get the option of sending comments.  Markups can be done, but never sent as Adobe doesn't look at it as a document that has been joined for review.  On a system with Reader 8, this functionality is all there and the document can have comments added and then sent to other reviewers.  If you go to View>Tracker it will list the document under Reviews>Joined and will actively look for updated comments from other reviewers.  If the workstation is then upgraded to version 9, then it will still work.  Our temporary workaround is to removed 9, install 8 and then upgrade but this is pretty resource intensive past just a couple of users.


            The issue appears to be how the reader looks at the comment server, but I haven't seen anyway to change this in the Tracker piece.  Numerous workstations have been tried with numerous builds of Reader 9 and none will work.  You never get the yellow bar across the top with the Deadline, Check for New Comments, Publish Comments and Server Status.  And again, if the workstation has Reader 8 installed and then upgraded it works fine.  Some sort of Common File or registry setting is allowing this between the two versions but I have been unable to locate what it is.

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              Hi i also tried the same some time back, by enabling commenting rights in a PDF, Adobe Reader users can participate in reviews of that PDF. When a PDF with commenting rights opens in Reader, it includes a document message bar, a How To pane with instructions, and commenting tools that are otherwise unavailable.

              Use either of these methods to enable commenting for Reader users:
              • In an open PDF, choose Comments > Enable For Commenting In Adobe Reader, and then save the PDF.

              • Start the wizard to initiate a shared review or an email-based review and follow the on-screen instructions. When you’re finished, commenting is enabled in the PDF that you specify for the review.

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                edonley Level 1

                I understand how to setup documents for comments, we have documents set up that way and they work fine on machines running Reader 8, or that had Reader 8 and have been upgraded to 9.  Most of our workstations are from an image that has only had Reader 9 installed and the Comments are available to make, but there is no way to send or publish the comments as Reader 9 is not looking at it as a shared review document.  The problem does not relate to documents not being shared for commenting properly, it lies within something was there in Tracking for version 8 that is not in version 9.