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    tween and sandbox violation

    theErez Level 1


      my problem is as follows:

      i have one swf file - player.swf located under one domain - www.mediandb.com (it contains a flvPlayback component)

      i have another swf file - BSSmartBar.swf - located under other domain - file.mediandb.com

      the first line of code in the player.swf is 'System.security.allowDomain("files.mediandb.com");'

      the first line of code in the BSSmartBar.swf is 'System.security.allowDomain("www.mediandb.com");'

      the html containing the player.swf has the line 'allowScriptAccess=always'

      player.swf loads BSSmartBar.swf.

      everything works fine, until...

      until a tween inside the BSSmartBar takes place.  at that point i get a Security Sandbox Violation warning message in the flash tracer window saying

      SecurityDomain 'http://files.mediandb.com/SmartBar/BSSmartBar.swf' tried to access incompatible context 'http://www.mediandb.com/demos/beautifulstranger/player.html'

      the weird thing is when i used adobe's built-in tween class, i got this warning right when the BSSmartbar loaded.  it took me a while to find out that only declaring a Tween type var caused it (without having any tween aciton at all), so i tried switching to a custom tween class (i'm now using the GreenSock's TweenLite class) - and as i mentioned i get this warning when the tween takes place.

      the thing is when i test it, besides that warning all works well, however apparently it causes some problems for my client.


      any idea anybody?

      thanks in advance,