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    Error #1010 (A term is undefined and has no properties) in a simple HTTPService using POST

    Augusto Esteves

      I'm getting the error #1010 (A term is undefined and has no properties):

      at flexGraph/httpResultHandlerUserInfo()

      at flexGraph/__userInfoXML_result()



      I removed some parts of the code so it's easier to read, if you can help me. I'm trying to populate a datagrid with info from a database, according to the alias I choose in the ComboBox. I get the error when I pick an alias from the ComboBox.





           import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;

           import mx.rpc.events.FaultEvent;

           import mx.rpc.events.ResultEvent;

           import mx.events.DropdownEvent;


           [Bindable] private var usersInfo:ArrayCollection;


           private function httpResultHandlerUserInfo(event:ResultEvent):void{

                usersInfo = event.result.users.user;





           private function httpFaultHandlerUserInfo(event:FaultEvent):void{

                Alert.show("Could not load the user's info","Error");




           private function chooseUserCB(event:DropdownEvent):void{






      <mx:HTTPService id="userInfoXML" url="http://www.mysecondplace.org/flex/userInfo.php"

      result="httpResultHandlerUserInfo(event)" fault="httpFaultHandlerUserInfo(event)"

      useProxy="false" method="POST">


      <mx:request xmlns=""><alias>{usersAliasCB.selectedItem.alias}</alias></mx:request>




      <mx:ComboBox id="usersAliasCB"

      x="10" y="10"




      <mx:DataGrid id="testing"

      x="10" y="100"




      Here's an example from the PHP file:


      $query_user = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE alias='.$_POST["alias"].'";


      Help me please, the queries are working (if I test them with a correct alias), and I don't get the Alert.show("Could not load the user's info","Error");