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    100% width but not 100% height issue

    Nickels55 Level 2

      It has been a while, so my skills are rusty.


      I have a flash banner graphic that I created at 1000px wide by 420px tall. I want this to be fluid and fill the browser width, so that when the browser is rescaled the swf fills the horizontal space. My problem is that there is content below it that needs to touch it, but the height is trying to fill 100% so it is creating vertical space between the flash content and the div below it.


      I guess a better way to describe it is that I don't want to define the height I just want the width to be 100%. At 100% height there is unused space so I need to make the height maybe undefined or something smaller then 100%?


      Also, if you make the browser too small vertically the width will not fill. So I want 100% width regardless of the browser height.


      Me confused...