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    A kuler vocabulary invention

    RaymieHumbert Level 1
      I got a PM from Sami Iwata 16 days ago and haven't seen it until now:

      "Hey Raymie,
      I do like the way you handled the Suburban Summer issue, with humor --"forked." That term is actually getting picked up by others now. It's a friendly way to educate other users about etiquette on using other themes as inspiration.
      Thanks for being a part of the community. Sami"

      The issue was that one of the few themes that's top10ed a kuler chart AND is mine (Grocery Store Marketing) was taken by somebody who changed one color. The new theme, called Suburban Summer, immediately sparked me to comment:

      "You know you've made it on kuler when someone loves your theme so much that they fork it!

      In this case, Grocery Store Marketing got forked. I love the fifth color you added here.

      Definitely five-star work."

      Peppermintpie (one of my favorite kuler artists) said it was great work and then sighed when (he/she) realized it was a fork. (He/she began checking out my themes about that time...)

      LR just was confused about the term.

      I let people get away with forking if they change something significant. Someone tried to take Violetflower from me by making an exact copy. It got pulled once I took it to kuler talk. The term itself was taken from development circles.

      Yay forking!