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    Blank Error Message in I.E. 8

    Neil2244 Level 1



      When I go to open a PDF up from a website (clicking within I.E. or even Outlook) Adobe Reader 9.0 presents me with a blank error message (with absolutely no text at all).


      If I cut and paste the link into the "GO" bar at the top of I.E. it works, but simply click on a link in a website or from Outlook won't work.  I have no concept of what the error is, because there is no text.



      I am running Windows 7, but seriously I'm not having any issues.  I can even open up the same documents that won't open in Adobe in I.E., in the plain Adobe Reader (I go to FILE >>  OPEN and paste the link in there and hit OPEN - that works without issue, although it takes 20 seconds to open - which is longer then normal).


      Any ideas?  Do I have a I.E. security setting to adjust?




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          Neil2244 Level 1

          Adding more details to what I have mentioned above...


          I can see where Adobe Reader is successfully downloading the documents (the counter in MBs is going up until it matches the document size in I.E.).  In addition when I finally do hit OK on the error message, I get 500ms (milli-seconds) of the embedded Adobe Reader in I.E. but then it clears and goes away.

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            twdsi Level 1

            I have the same problem.  It didn't start happening until I uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Reader X.  Once I noticed the problem I uninstalled Adobe Reader X and installed 9.0.  Now I have 9.0 installed an I'm still getting the bug intermittently.




            Any ideas, it's driving me nuts!



            - Window 7 Exnterprise x64

            - IE 8