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    Defining color space in Flash Catalyst

    SupraJohde Level 1

      I have noticed that flash do not support color profiles. It uses monitor own color profile. However ActionScript 3 and Flash 10 does support color profiles. You just add following keyframe to beginning of your fla file stage.colorCorrection = "on"; But how do you add that string to your Catalyst fxg file? Does catalyst even produce fla files or actionscript or does it use flex instead? How do i define sRGB colorspace in flash catalyst?


      Here is the example how the colors will look with and without color profile. http://www.contentunion.net/kaukomies/color/ You will see the difference in Safari or with Photoshop.

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          Under the hood, Catalyst creates Flex code which can be easily extended by a developer working in Flash Builder (the Flex IDE).


          Flash Catalyst doesn't expose the colorCorrection property, but you can easily add this in Flash Builder. If you import your FXP into Flash Builder, and then open the main MXML file, you'll see the code


          <s:Application ...


          Just change it to this:


          <s:Application colorCorrection="on" ...


          And you should be good to go.