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    Very new user, trying to do basic stuff


      I just got Flash CS4 yesterday. This is the first time I have ever used Flash. I watched some tutorials and now I'm trying to do something on my own. I want some text against a white background to start out white in the lower-left corner. During the animation I want the text to move to the upper-right corner and turn black gradually as it goes. What I did was this:


      created an actionscript 3 file

      Made some white text at the bottom-left

      Right clicked at the 90th frame on the timeline and clickedInsert KeyFrame

      Right clicked between the 1st and 90th frames and clicked Create Classic Tween.

      At the 90th frame I moved the text to the upper right. Then I clicked on proprties and set the text effect to brightness and set the brightness to 0 so the text would be black.


      When I hit enter to go through the timeline it shows me exactly what I expected: The text moves from lower left to upper right and gets darker as it goes.

      When I hit Ctrl+Enter to preview it as a published movie the text stays white the whole time until it gets to the upper right. There it turms black. So all I see is nothing for a few seconds and then a flash of the black text.


      Also, if I click at each frame in the timeline I can see the text is in a different place and getting brighter gradually.


      Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?


      Oh, and also I'd like it to play once rather than looping. Under the effects I clicked on a thing that says play once but it still loops. Where do you control this?


      Thanks - Eric

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Based on your description it sounds like you are using a dynamic textfield... they will not animate properly unless you embed the font.  If this text will not be changing, then just change the textfield to a static textfield (via the properties panel).


          As far as stopping it, create another layer in the timeline for actionscript, and add a keyframe at the very end where you want it to stop.  Select that keyframe and open the Actions panel (Window ->Actions) and enter the following command as shown here: stop();

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            hi_oswaler Level 1

            Thanks Ned, that was very helpful.


            A follow-up quesstion:

            I figured out how to import a graphic to the stage and how to get the graphic to fade out over a few seconds using a tween with a brightness effect that brings it to 0 brightness. How do you get the picture to fade in,so start at 0 brightness and go to a point where it shows the picture?


            Thanks - Eric

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Convert the image into a graphic symbol or movieclip symbol if you want to animate it.