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    Flex localization Prolem for string with unicode content




      Flex Compiler verson : flex_sdk_3.3.0.4852_mpl

      In Flex Application  I am receiving Unicode result from back end ( web service) an displaying it in  Flex Label component

      Storing event.result in to a string Eg. Response  string = [\u8868\u7af9\uff5eFulfillment~~~~ja]

      I am binding response to  label component When I am displaying it in label its not showing me Japanese  character .

      Note : Storing this information in properties file works 

      In side flex component

      1. define a metadata tag for  Result.properties file
      2. call it in Label component as  resourceManager.getString('Result',,'Res')

      This show the japaness data  in UI
      Result ==[\u8868\u7af9\uff5eFulfillment~~~~ja]
      Need API to support  for unicode string ; eg : resourceManager.getString(Result,"ja");
      presently  there is no api to display unicode string in UI
      Actual Results: 
      Expected Results: 
      Workaround (if any):
      There is no  workaround to get such display