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    AE stops responding - freezes

    Alex DeJesus Level 1

      Every 10 minutes or so, no matter what I'm doing, the entire monitors is covered by a light shade of grey or white with a little blue circle in the center ( a Windows thing) AE says at the top "The program stopped responding". It eventually comes back online after a minute or so, but yesterday AE crashed. I am working o a short 4 minute video with about 67 layers (not overlapping). I am new to AE. Is this a RAM thing? Preview resolution was auto but I went to 50 percent.


      I purge cache and video memory - doesn't help. I think I have a pretty capable computer, although consumer grade. HP Pavilion d5000t 8GB RAM. Footage content is stored on a seperate SATA drive from my system drive.


      This doesn't happen in Premier, but every time I close the program I get a message thet "ImporterProcessServer.exe has stopped working." Can the two be related??

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Do you use auto-save in AE? Could be the reason. Other than that I'd look for external influences like virus scanners checking your files while they are in use in AE, your e-mail client retrieving mails from the server or otehr network activities. If it's in regular intervals, it doesn't qualify as some random occurence and certainly can be tracked down. Regarding the issue with Premiere I would suspect that this is specific to Vista 64. Some 32bit programs and extensions have trouble unloading properly from specific memory regions on such systems. If it only occurs on program exit, I wouldn't worry. It may be annoying, but with no data loaded, it should not do any damage. Usually there is no way to influence it, anyway.



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            Alex DeJesus Level 1

            Yep, shutting off auto-save helped. Thanks