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    CS3 Education Version on Mac_Timeline Issue

    Boone Loves Video

      Premiere works fine most of the time, but occassionally I will have issues within the timeline.


      What happens is I will be zoomed in on some portion of the timeline, and I will grab a clip with the selection tool and simply try to drag it over to where I want it, but as soon as I grab the clip and start to move it, my view of the timeline suddenly snap-scrolls to left several seconds. If I am zoomed out a ways it doesn't happen, but I obviously can't perform fine edits that far zoomed out.


      Anyone know why this is happening?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Have not seen, nor have I heard of this behavior. Were you on a PC, I'd suggest first checking to see if you have the InteliPoint mouse driver (not likely on a Mac), as it can do some weird display things. Next I'd suggest downloading the latest video card driver. Do not know how this might/might not apply to a Mac. Last, on the PC, I'd suggest looking at two other display areas - OpenGL and video accelaration in the video card's setup. I just have no clue if any of that applies to a Mac.


          Good luck, and hope that someone else has seen (or read of) this, and knows exactly where to look,