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    Interlaced HD Footage Imported 1/2 Height?


      I got a Samsung HMX-H104 camcorder today, and it shoots 1080i 50fps and when I take the footage into Premiere Elements 7 in a project for 1080i 25fps from a flash camcorder, it always comes into the system as half height. I can understand that this may be due to fields but I have no idea why the program would do this as it should know better! The files are H.264 mpeg-4. I was told via a review that PE7 would be able to cope with the files from this exact camcorder. Anyone help?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I'm not sure if this is the reason why, but you can't use 50 fps footage in Premiere Elements. It's not built to handle them, and people who've tried have run into strangeness.


          You also should be using the project preset for an AVCHD camcorder. And, if your camcorder is recording in 5.1 audio, you must use that project preset.

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            AllyGraham Level 1

            The latest is that first my camcorder was faulty, it was making a strange sound for a solid state camera. Now that I have my new one, it is clear that the issue with the video is the pixel aspect ratio of 1.7778, and quite simply if I stretch the video in Premiere Elements, I have lost nothing. I think that this is because PrE does not know what to do with that ratio. I have a working solution it seems that has not degraded the quality at all.