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    Flash issue - Firefox broswer? (coding)


      This question is going to be a little weird.


      I found a hosting site which is pretty new, but they allow you to create a Flash website using 'drag and drop'.  I know a little flash, but not enough to create the website I want.


      This hosting company is still new and they do have drawbacks, but I am hoping there is a Flash pro here who would know about this coding issue.


      Basically in the Firefox Browser (only) in the 'status bar'  at the bottom of the screen - it continues to say "waiting for wixmonitor" well AFTER the site has loaded. This message does not go away.  We've been asking the hosting company to fix this issue, but they don't seem to know how to.





      You can leave the main page open for an hour and it still has the same message at the bottom.   What part of this code could be causing it?


      Even if you go to the Hosting site, Wix.com, their home page also has the "waiting for wixmonitor" message.