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    Best Quality Exporting From HDV to DVD with Dan's method




      I have few questions on Dan's method.


      here is my workflow according to Dan's method:



      On the Premiere CS4 end of things:


      1. Download these Adobe Media Encoder CS4 presets for 100Mbps MPEG-2 I-frame 4:2:2
      2. Export your 19220x1080 60i timeline using the corresponding preset from the ones above; this will create a (very large) .m2v file and .wav file


      Now some freeware tools to get the conversion done properly:


      1. Download and install the Lagarith lossless codec
      2. Download and install VirtualDub
      3. Download and install AviSynth
      4. Download and install my hd2sd() conversion package for AviSynth (instructions for installation are in the .zip file)


      Create a new blank text document in notepad, like such, and save this file as premiere.avs, and save it to the same folder as your .m2v and .wav file (edit the video and audio parameters to match your filenames). This is your "script" file for AviSynth:


      video = "myfile.m2v"

      audio = "myfile.wav"


      (audio == "") ? last : AudioDub(WavSource(audio))

      hd2sd(OutputColorSpace="YUY2", OutputBFF=true)


      1. Run VirtualDub
      2. Open your premiere.avs file in VirtualDub
      3. In VirtualDub, go to Video : Compression and select the Lagarith lossless codec
      4. Also set VirtualDub to use Video : Fast recompress mode
      5. Save your output to lagarith.avi
      6. Import lagarith.avi into Encore for transcoding and authoring





      Actually, I am trying to edit my mts files(1920x1080 60i) but it is running too slow on my computer if I edit those mts files directly in premiere. Therefore, I converted those mts files to m2v and wav. Should I try edit those m2v files in premiere and export the whole DVD version to m2v again. Then, use the DVD m2v file to convert that to avi file by using the VirtualDub ?


      However, I tried to edit the m2v and wav files in premiere and send it to encore with the mpeg2 blu-ray with 1920x1080i 29.97 High Quality. It then burned it on the DVD. It turned out the same as the VirtualDub version. I think it is less time spending compare to VirtualDub. Let me know if I am wrong.


      Another thing that I tried was using the lagarith.avi file but it is 720 x 480 then I imported to the premiere and edited it. My project's setting was  AVCHD 1080i30 which my video camcorder setting is. After I edited my project in premiere, I sent it to the encore to burn on the dvd by setting to the mpeg2DVD option. However, I played it on my hd dvd player and the output was pretty small.


      My goal is to use premiere to edit the files and use encore to add some features such as title pages or buttons. Then, burn it on the DVD with the HD quality.


      Please help ! thank you very much guys !