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    Centered Docking for dialog box?? Using MX

    sarah louise water



      Could anyone please help??


      I have a small dialog box type movie that opens when a user presses Exit. (It's just to confirm that they really want to exit).

      I have no problem on my pc, it is a 640 x 480 environment which is full screen when run, the exit dialog opens in the centre of the screen.

      However on any other size screen, it is off-centred.

      I have tried the option of centred in the properties, but it will not save with that option checked??


      Can anyone explain this irritation??



      many thanks

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          The button that opens it should provide a rect for the window. Or the window could determine this itself when opened. For example, in a movie script in the MIAW place the following handlers:

          on openWindow
            aw = the activeWindow
            aw.rect = mCenterRectInRect(aw.sourceRect, (the desktopRectList)[1])
          on mCenterRectInRect r1, r2
            return rect(r2.width - r1.width, r2.height - r1.height, r2.width + r1.width, r2.height + r1.height)/2