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    Strange transcription

    Kristjansson Level 1

      I used both Media Encoder and Soundbooth to transcribe the same wav audio file and got the same strange transcription, which had no relation to the spoken word. The audio file was an interview concerning tourism in Iceland.


      Here is some of the text of the transcription:


      ,,[Speaker Unknown] the group my job to say the US in Cuba he is jealous you know and I think the dollar Walter do I was eleven to four some would say to my tears into do you have to follow its own it's kind of typical ice and take the hits Britain maintains he is standing in this case also of course has been increasing it's the last few years would you go it says that if it was all based on ice and a two to four six ERA yes but some human contact that they do it on net and in cooperation with the day the team and you can walk into this contest almost two weeks now I'm working on the moon the DC area has been a problem and the nation from coasters a judicial inquiry yes King"


      What can I do to get the right transcription?