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    Activation problem with Fireworks after installing new HDD


      Recently I cloned my computer system to a new hard drive. Afterwards, when I tried to open Fireworks MX 2004, my program was treated as a trial version and I was asked for activation information. Several years ago I upgraded from a DW4/FW4 suite to Fireworks MX 2004. In the activation process that now pops up everytime I try to open FW, I am asked to provide the serial number for the version of FW that I upgraded from. I have the serial number for FW MX 2004 but the serial number for the DW4/FW4 suite is long gone. BTW, Dreamweaver MX 2004 was not a problem after my HDD upgrade. I have searched the Knowledge Bases for help as well as the forums. Finally, I placed two tech support orders but haven't heard anything back in the two weeks since placing them. I tried calling but gave up after 45 minutes on hold. It really pisses me off that Adobe can do this to me for a product that I have legitimately purchased. The upshot of all this is that several expensive DW extensions that I own will not work because they require having FW installed and my work is falling behind. Thanks a lot Adobe!

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          Activation of upgrades is dependent on the CD-keys of the original full-products. It isn't Adobe's fault that you no longer have them. I don't think it's unreasonable for re-activation to be required, either. If not, what is to prevent someone from pirating the software simply by cloning drives?


          Anyway.... Did you try using the online system for customer support? I used that once. You don't get an email reply. Instead, the answers are placed in to your account record. If you registered your product, Adobe may have your old keys, I don't know.


          Other than that, I guess you're going to have to buy a new full product. Next time you upgrade, though, keep your old CDs. If nothing else, just move them to the new box if you don't want to keep both boxes.