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    Made a form in Flex 3, can't get it to load in Flash.

    Hugh Anderson Level 1



      sorry, I really am a novice at this.


      I am building a Flash site, and have some image galleries that run with a component. To load a gallery into the main page I have, for example, the following code: (this works just fine)






      loadMovie ("../gallery_Engagements/content.swf","loader_engagements");




      However, I made a contact form in Flex 3, and I am trying to load in exactly the same way, using this code:





      loadMovie ("../contact/ContactForm.swf","loaderContact_mc");



      Is there something different that I need to do to get the Flex swf to load into my page? Everything is set up in the same way, it just wont work with the Flex file. Any help would be appreciated.  :-)