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    more link problems...

      Continuing Link Problems...

      I've made a few links between merged topics in my new project; however, my supervisor tells me some users will have problems with those links if users are not "mapped" to the appropriate drive.

      What I have Now:
      file://P:/staff/groups/IT/Merge_IT-A/AWK_Tips/Formatting_Printed_Reports_Using_PCL_Codes. htm

      What I Should Have:
      mk:@MSITStore:P:\staff\groups\IT\Temp IT Help\!SSL!\Microsoft_HTML_Help\Merge_IT-A.chm::/AWK_Tips/<topicname>.htm

      How do I get my links to have the second path, keeping within the project? Sometimes, when I try to set up a link, I get the "...will create an outside link..." message, asking me if I want to continue.

      So, how do I create links from one merged topic to another -- or to the main project -- without "external" paths?