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    Interactive CD Menu Screens Help



      First off, I want to apologize as I have just begun using Director but I can't wait to become familiar with this amazing program. So, I have a question and I'm not even sure if I'm asking it the right way, but I was wondering if someone would be so kind as to walk me through the steps of creating a simple interactive cd, with a basic menu screen, that would contain a few buttons that would jump to other still images. I have been toying around with the timeline but I can't quite figure out how to make the menu screen or functioning buttons for that matter. Unfortunately I can't seem to find any basic tutorials that would help me out. So any help anyone could offer on here would be greatly, greatly appreciated!



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          Chunick Level 3

          check here:



          ...specifically the 'Other Resources' and 'Free Online Books' sections.

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            jasonkristjan Level 1

            Thank you for the tip, I picked up some new things from the sites you pointed me to, but I still can't seem to find specific info on how to create a menu screen in Director 11.5, I feel like I'm missing the obvious here when what I am after is using a still image as a kind of menu screen that would have buttons that would link to other images or videos. Maybe I should be using a simpler program? If any body knows where this specific tutorial would be and could let me know, it would be appreciated as I feel like I'm not going to figure it out without someone else's patience and help. Thanks again for your time!

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              Mike Blaustein Level 4

              I doubt you are going to find a tutorial that does exactly what you are tryingto do. I also doubt that you will find anyone who wants to write your program for you.  Perhaps you would have better luck if you post something of what you have done and a question about how to do a specific thing that you have a problem with.  We don't know how far into this you actually are.  Have you made a director file yet?  Have you imported all the assets?  Have you set up the screen layouts?  Which bit specifically are you having trouble with?


              I would start with the main menu screen.  Lay it out on  the stage on a single frame with all the buttons and everything.  In the frame label channel, name this frame "main".  In the script channel, put this script:


              on exitFrame me

              go to the frame



              that way, when you hit Play, the playhead stays still.  Next, set up the 1st other screen, for instance, the one for another image. Label this frame "image1".  Give it the same frame script that you gave the main screen.  Lay out how this screen should look and then go back to the main screen.  Right click on the button that should go to that screen and choose script.  Put this script on that button


              on mouseUp me

              go "image1"



              Now you have a button that goes to another frame that shows that image.  Do the same thing with your other images and movies.  If you have trouble with that, then ask specific questions that we might answer.